Where do I go? What do I need? Who do I ask?

Who knew printing designs was such an intense process? There are a multitude of questions you must ask not only yourself but also the client and the company printing the actual design. It’s not all about pressing a single button and having your end piece in front of you. There are many steps you will need to go through. “Know Where You’re Going,” is the beginning chapter in From Design Into Print by Sandee Cohen. This chapter stresses that the first part of the printing process is to know when to simply ask questions.

  • What kind of project is it?
  • How much money can I spend?
  • When is it due?

The details must be considered. Each question is vital to the totality and quality of the outcome. To me it’s the little things in life that are important to recognize, and it’s the same way with printing. What kind of job is it? Who’s printing it? What’s the size of the paper? How many pieces of paper? How many folds? How many copies? How many colors? The list is endless.

But, it doesn’t stop there. You then have to decide what type of printer to use based on color, copies, and quality of the paper. Do you want to use an inkjet printer, laser printer, or maybe a dye-sub printer? They all have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is best to be aware of these questions before purchasing your own printer or going to a print shop.

Reading the first two chapters has already provided me a whirlwind of information about printing. I’m extremely excited to dive into the next part of the book and be able to comprehend more of the print world. Lets go!


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