Thursday, September 9, 2010 was a very special and exciting day. The one and only, John Allsopp, founder of the web design and development conference “Web Directions”, visited us. He is also a software engineer, speaker, writer, and educator. John came to speak to us about:

– The transformation of technology from the old days to the present and future.

– CSS and HTML, because we’re geeks and we like that kind of stuff.

– How CSS is defining the new era and making life a lot easier for graphic designers.


I, personally, am very excited about AMPED. Reason Uno: Web Design is a whole new ballpark for me. There are still several words that have me confused and concepts I am unaware of.  Reason Dos: We will get to meet very influential people and attain knowledge and advice from them. Amped is a full conference day of workshops dealing with hacking and challenges to influence and shape us into the designers we can be. It will be a day of learning and exciting opportunities with a “legendary” party to follow afterwards. =)

You can check out more at

With his intriguing Australian accent, John had a lot of very interesting things to say. Here are a few quotes I took away from him that day that could help with everyday design.

“With almost everything you do in life, there is an opportunity to make it better.”

“Think about the characteristics of the medium rather than designing for the device or technology at hand.”

“Make the technology disappear.”

And my favorite:

“Delight people and make the experience magical.”


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