.History of the Internet.

At the beginning of class on Thursday, September 2, 2010, the class was split up into groups of 4. We were told to come up with a presentation based on the history of the Internet; however, we only had that class period and the beginning of the next class to figure out what we were going to do. It was a very open-ended project allowing each group to explore and understand the Internet in various ways. We were also given three informative websites as a base to our research.




My group included Dawn Pfeiffer, Dustin Hysinger, and Larry Buffaloboy. Soon, we decided that we were going to put on a skit for the class. We then gathered important dates, put them together in a narrative, and acted out every other one. Larry, Dustin, and I put on the skit while, Dawn, narrated for us. Overall, it went very well and even got a few laughs. Other groups made keynote presentations with interesting and organized presentation styles. For example, one group had each of us read a different card (in order of the timeline) while passing around string to make an actual “web”. I thought that was a very compelling way of getting facts across to people. Each group brought something different to the table and allowed us all to learn in a much more fun and interactive environment. Thanks guys!

A couple high points we hit on were: 1957- Soviet’s surprise launch of Sputnik, 1973-Ethernet technology was created, 1979- CompuServe is the first to offer electronic mail to personal computers, 1984- AOL launches, 1991- official birth of the internet, 1996- Yahoo is the first Internet company to go public making and IPO, 1998- Apple unveils the iMac and Google was launched, 1999- Napster, 2001- Wikipedia and iTunes are launched and Napster is shut down, 2006- launch of YouTube, and in 2007 Twitter gained popularity when it won the Web award at SXSW.

As you know, there are a ton of other important dates, people, and places dealing with the history of the Internet. It’s as if you know what all has happened in the past and how the Internet was formed, but actually putting it to a timeline gives it a whole new outlook and better appreciation.


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