Never Too Old…

When I was kid in elementary school, I used to love going on field trips. We would visit places such as the zoo, movie theaters, museums, and even the jailhouse (I’m from a small town guys, we didn’t have many places to go). It was so much fun to visit new places and experience new things. Well, things haven’t changed much since I started college. Although I don’t show it as much now, these simple field trips still excite me!

Last Tuesday, September 7, 2010, my Web Media class loaded up and headed to PaperPlus. PaperPlus is an Internet store that offers a wide variety of paper at your convience. They have several different types of products ranging from Die Cut Products and Digital Papers to announcements and business cards. If you want it, they will have it. If not, they will find a paper company that can help you.

Upon arrival at PaperPlus, we met and talked with a guy named, Alex. He showed us around and answered any questions that we had. He also stressed how important it is for graphic designers to know what they are getting into before actually printing a project. We have to know what kind of paper we are looking for, what size, who can handle the output, and so on. Basically, we graphic designers must to be prepared for anything and everything that could possibly go wrong.

Towards the end of our visit we were given the opportunity to look through a ton of different paper book samples. The best part of all was the fact that we got to take as many samples as we wanted. Now, my bookshelf is lined with at least 20 paper book samples. Woo hoo!

Even today, as a senior in college, I still love to go on field trips. It helps to see what is actually happening in the real world instead of reading it in a book and trying to comprehend all the information about how the printing process works.


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