It doesn’t get any more Old School than this…

Wireframing is an essential part of web design these days. After reading several different articles to wrap my head around the tactic, I understand now, what it is and why it is so important to do before finishing up a project.

One article in particular that I found interesting was the one about Pwireframing. Instead of the usual digital or computerized version of the wireframing technique, this exercise was done using paper, scissors, and paste. It was lead by Mark Erickson (Director of Web Communications) and Michael Vedders (Director of Web Technology). By collaborating the old school way, Vedders and Erickson, hoped it would be a more effective way to analyze and chart the important data they needed for Bethel’s website.

They first posted blank sheets having the essential parts or pages they wanted to navigate too. Then they asked questions such as: “Which templates were the most essential, and which could be consolidated in favor of others? How should we address an admissions page for a University that has a fairly even split between traditional-age students and post-graduates, with completely different niche colleges such as Seminary? Which pages might rely on tabbed structures to present larger sets of data more efficiently?” Just to name a few…

At the end of the process the Pwireframes were put into a digital document to show a more professional angle and how it was actually going to look once printed out. Overall, they liked the way the presented and handled the new website. Comments on the article were mostly people telling of how they wanted to try it for their next web redesign. When it comes down to it, paper and scissors always wins.


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