[Amped] in the ATL

I’ve never actually been to Atlanta. The airport was nice, and so was the hour-long concert, but spending a weekend there was absolutely spectacular. The highlight of my stay was, without a doubt, AMPED.

I arrived at the Georgia Tech Institute of Research building at 8:00 am. The weather was great outside and I was so excited/nervous about the day. My initial thoughts were, “ I am going to learn and experience things I haven’t even heard of before.” Man, was I right. We started out with an informational session with the partners such as PayPal and Adobe describing their challenges and prizes they would give out to the winners at the end of the day. The prizes were exceptional sweet like Adobe Creative Series, Wii, and the grand prize, a full-paid trip to Tokyo.

After the short meeting, we split off into teams to get started on the challenge. I was in a group with Ashley, Jill, and two developers. Seeing as how I couldn’t commit to the whole day, I thought this would be a good group to join up with. Once acquainted, we decided on this challenge:

Challenge 1: Create a campaign poster for the open webIn this first challenge, you’ll create a (hopefully iconic) campaign poster for the open web – inspirational, and communicating the value, and values, of the open web. Think of J. Howard Miller’s famous Rosie the Riveter, or Shepherd Fairy’s Obama Hope poster.

Throughout the process of creating this poster, I learned so much about the web and even a little bit about coding. It really helped to see how other people take the web and what they do with it. I really hope it happens again next year. By then, I hope to be much more experienced and be able to tackle more on all sides of the challenges. At the end of my day there, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.


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