He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Plan: typically any procedure used to achieve an objective. It is a set of intended actions, through which one expects to achieve a goal.

Before you start any type of project, a plan must be devised. Not only will a plan help you be more organized, it will also allow you to sort through any unforeseen issues that could congregate during the duration of the project. The same goes with Wireframing. The article, Better Perspective in Wireframing, by THE PRO DESIGNER, gives you a starting point. For me, I didn’t know where to begin or what to take into consideration when producing a wireframe. This article gives you just that in a bullet framed outline.

You have to start out with an objective. Most people think they can skip a step and go straight to the end result. Wrong. No project is simple enough to not have a plan. Putting the pieces together through wireframing helps identify with issues. Functionality is also a key to do first. Not only do you want the content to flow, but you also need it to function. And you don’t have to be the expert in databases to put together a functional wireframe: experiential. All you need to be aware of and in tune with are web apps.

The list goes on an on with things to look for and ways to improve your wireframing techniques. If you need any info on wireframing, check out this article. Here is the list of other points made to help your project along.

Who’s the boss. Teamwork. Deadline. Avoid Overdoing Your Wireframe. With the User in Mind. Don’t Get Lazy. Organize Your Wireframe. Number the Pages. Repetition. Check the Document. Incorporating Ads. Not So Public Data. Hitting the Brakes. Getting the Right Tools. Considering Tendencies.



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