Think Ink

On Tuesday, October 19, 2010 we had a few special visitors come into our Processes and Materials course. Barry Clough, a paper representative from Neenah papers came to show us samples of paper (yay, for sampling paper) and to talk to us about ways they are making paper products on a “greener” level and a new Iphone/Ipad app called Think Ink. From the very beginning he started passing out papers for us to touch, feel, and yes, even smell. It was fabulous. Then we were given a demonstration on to use the new app, Think Ink Color Unleashed, with the help of our professors Ipad so we were able to see it more clearly.


Think Ink App on the IPhone

This app allows you to create a color palette your very own way having four different ways do experiment: upload a photo, RGB or CMYK value, Dewey personality attribute, or choose from multiple NEENAH PAPER colors. After this step you can match your specific color palette to paper with digital swatches, visualize the ink on paper, find a perfect paper texture, have free paper samples delivered to your door, and also have free shipping! There is also a place for you to view your palettes, and see what they mean to your audience. You can visit for more information on this app. But basically it is awesome. Guess I need to get an Iphone or Ipad now.



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