Our class recently had the opportunity to visit, Allegra, another print shop here in Chattanooga. It seems to me like there is always something to learn about the printing process. And boy oh boy, Allegra had a lot to tell us about it.

When we got there we were first greeted by sales manager, Jennifer, and the general manager, Dan. They were both very nice and genuinely interested in teaching us about what they do. We were taken to meet with the graphic designer on site. She told us about the way she works out kinks and the way she prefers to get jobs sent to her. Very insightful visit. We then moved on to the printers. They were named to make the process easier during the day. Of course, naming anything makes it easier. Why not name your printers?

This is Bonnie. The others were Clyde and Al Capone.

We also met Roland. Stickers were printed to show us the talent of this printer. We were able to see the process unfold and watch how the knife didn’t cut through the vinyl. Awesome.

Meet Roland

During our tour, Jennifer and Dan, were constantly telling us about things to look out for once we enter the real world. Like other print shops, they urged to us to really know our printers and to know that your printer knows other printers. Just because a certain shop can perform in massive quantities doesn’t mean they can do it all. That’s why it is good to keep a positive working relationship with other printers, to help each other out in times of need.

We then met Jim. And no, Jim is not a technical printer, he is the operator of the press room. This was our last stop and a very interesting one at that. Jim told us about work he has done for clients, all of the different Pantone colors, and let us look at the actual color dots on the paper. It was awesome to see his passion behind his work. He loves what he does and has been working there for more than 20 years. That shows dedication if nothing else.

A big thank you to Laura Winn for the photos taken this day.


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