The Book Project.

From the moment I got back from working in Yellowstone National Park this summer, I knew I wanted to document it somehow. Then this book project came about in my Processes and Materials class. What timing.

At the beginning of the process we broke up into small groups to discuss our book proposals for feedback. Come to find out Stephanie Whiting, another girl in my class, worked on the Ocoee River as a raft guide this summer. Several of our stories related to the others and we decided do the project together. Of course after Leslie said we could.

Both of our ideas were somewhat similar for the design and layout of the book. We decided to go with a grunge, texturized feel for each chapter heading, but have them all made from photos we gathered during our stay in our two totally different but relatable places. As for content, friends we met and worked with submitted their stories on what their experience was like. We wanted to give a real and inside look at how what really happens when you live in the wild. Throughout each chapter, we would comment back and forth on the sidebars to compare similarities and differences if a certain part stuck out to one of us. Great way to compare and contrast the Ocoee and Yellowstone.

The name of our book is The Natural High. You never really feel and experience nature until you live in it. And for us, it was a feeling that we will never forget.

The Natural High (cover)

The Natural High (back)

an inside spread


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