Holy Styling, Batman!

Styling by Chris Mills

Creating Tables in HTML and CSS wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Of course getting into the whole markup language is a little daunting though. In Chapter 18 of our InterAct with Web Standards book, Chris Mills takes us step by step through the table making process.

For a functional table in HTML you need three elements: <table>    <tr>     <<td>
Each of these are very important to distinguish between to make sure your table turns out the way you want it too. There are little things that you could forget such as a simple > or / that will totally mess up everything. But that statement could go for any HTML or CSS. I just really ran into that writing the markup for this chapter.

Dealing with styling tables is the same way. There are a bunch of little things you need to look at such as background color, background image, whether or not you want a gradient, different properties, and so on. We were given the opportunity to create our own table with colors and put our own basic data in it. Of course, I did ice cream because it is one of my favorite things. And I love random colors. =)


Styling by Kelsey Emerson



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