And the ball is rolling…

It’s a new year with much more to learn as a graphic design student. With this new semester, our class is starting hard with Web Accessibility in Web Media II. Ready to get the ball rolling!

At the beginning of Chapter 22, Derek Featherstone introduces accessibility by relating it a certain personal experience we have had to make us understand the importance of the issue:


“We all know how frustrating it can be to use a website or application that, for whatever reason, just doesn’t work. Have you experienced that with a website you’ve used lately? Think about it, and let that feeling sink in.

Deeply. Take it to the point where you want to pull your hair out, smash your head against the wall, or throw your computer out the window.

Feeling it?

Now, imagine that feeling magnified by a factor of ten. Or a hundred. Literally. How much more frustrating would it be for you to use that website if you weren’t able to see it? Or could only see a small part of it? Or could only type one character every 3 seconds? Or were using the site by dictating voice commands to a computer that, for some unknown reason, cannot interpret what is on the screen correctly?”


To me, this was a very effective and liberating way to get the importance of accessibility on the Web across. It made me think about times when the web wasn’t acting the way I wanted it too. But hey, it could be a WHOLE lot worse. I couldn’t imagine what the Web would be like if I couldn’t see or hear, or had difficulty using the mouse. With these impairments, you miss what the Web is capable of…. videos, music, reading, online services, photo uploads, documentation files, offline programs and soooo much more. But since the Web is for EVERYONE, we must design for EVERYONE and keep all possible disabilities in mind.

Can you imagine?



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