Copy this.

Every designer is taught to make things their own; to come up with original ideas, concepts, and work. But what if your artwork were ever copied or stolen? What are the boundaries on using someone else’s work and how can you find out?

On the 25th of January, our class had the opportunity to hear Mattias Jannerbo give a presentation on the Intellectual Property for Creative Professionals. And to be honest, until then I did not know the boundaries on copyright and the trademark law. We learned a lot and had many questions answered. Basically, the only thing you can copyright is the expression of ideas and concepts. If you ever want to use work that isn’t yours, you must must must get permission from the original owner or created. Without that, you do not have the right to distribute it.

As a designer, we all need to be aware of contract agreements signed within the company we currently work for. Most of the time the work designed or created will forever belong to the employer and sometimes never allowed to published or put into your portfolio after your employment.

Since then I have gone onto the web to learn more about the law of copyright. Here are just a few websites I have found to be helpful.



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