Make sure you do it great…

…or it won’t validate. 🙂

Last semester in Web Media we went through all the steps on how to create a design friendly and accessible web site. Now we have learned how to do everything we are working on writing the markup HTML and CSS for a “pretend” food industry or restaurant. Well, it’s due Thursday so needless to say, these last few weeks have been somewhat rough.

It was an easy task going through it chapter by chapter, but when I had to put it all together for the first time, that’s when the trouble started. It took awhile to get a system going for my navigation links, separate HTML pages, and the CSS sheet. But after practice, and a definite trial and error run through, well run-throughs I started to pick it up. Of course there are still the occasional problems, but google is always right there beside me.

At the beginning of last semester, our teacher, made us watch a video of this guy rapping about design coding. At the time I didn’t understand the design lingo, but now it is so much better. I can actually follow it. So in my moment of glory, I decided to share it with everyone. Enjoy!


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