Geekin’ Out.

Growing up you always know the bare minimum of what your parents do for a living. You know they work for a school, in a tall building, or for an insurance company. But did we ever know what they really do with their days and long hours? Well, I didn’t at least. And up until now, I really didn’t know exactly what my dad did and loved. I knew he worked for an insurance company and that’s about it. Story time…

At the beginning of last semester I started my Web Media class. I’ve always been interested in computers throughout my life. I can remember the dial up sound and sitting in my dads lap as a child playing the simple graphic computer games. Its amazing how the times have changed in technology and I thank the lord for that. But it was in this class that started to gradually strike conversation between my dad and me. Come to find out, he used to work with code/markup and enjoyed it very much and works with computers still. He talked to me for almost hour on dealing with images alone in HTML. He was so passionate in his words and I could tell he was very excited about having someone to talk nerd with him.

My most recent project started a great conversation this past weekend. I was to design and write markup in HTML and CSS for a practice website (of course you can’t find this website online for it was just rehearsal). We looked through the different HTML pages and then also took a look at my CSS. Without me saying a word he noticed my form, table, paragraph styles, wrapper and divs within the HTML, and tags. With all of this information being new to me, I was so surprised that he knew it. I had no idea that he dealt with markup at all in what he does. It’s interesting and excited that no matter how well you know someone there is always more to learn. Or geek out with…

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