Dance of the Lemons

Instead of firing teachers that are lazy and don’t follow the  curriculum, schools end up commencing in a dance. The “lemons” are those teachers who don’t follow suit but have tenure so the school can’t actually let them go. So as it is said, the principals or superintendents do a dance with the lemons and put them somewhere else. Then that lemon is passed around again. Another dance comes and goes and the lemons keep up that routine for years. So their sour energy is spread everywhere. It’s different from state to state. One has what is known as the “rubber room” where all the lousy teachers are placed. Instead of teaching they sit in a room, play cards and drink coffee. And still get paid full salary.

Our education system has been a sinkhole for years. It’s as if we don’t know how to fix beat-down and failing schools. But we do. There are just a few speed bumps we have to get over first: lazy teachers, unconcerned parents, teachers union, and budget.

Geoffrey Canada, a hardcore advocate to raise awareness and make a change in school systems, is part of a long process to help the children of American obtain a greater future by making education better with charter schools in Harlem, New York. This is one of the most dangerous places, having hardly any students graduate high school or even make it to that level. But the parents in that neighborhood raised the issue with these schools that had children already zoned to that area. They did not want a charter school coming in, taking over their school and potentially kicking their kids out. That’s where The Lottery comes in. It basically picks the students to attend these schools by chance or luck. It’s so hard to imagine what it would be like as a child to go through that and a concerned parent for that matter.

For poor education, at first we blame the kids for their behavior, but really if you think about it, the blame should be placed on the parents. Everyone is brought up and raised different but without proper guidance kids don’t know any better.

Another thing is the budget. For those who don’t know we spend $5,000 on a student each year, then you look at prisoners who we spend up to $35,000 a year on. You can do the math on four years. What IS that? Children haven’t even begun to broaden their horizons and prisoners have already done that and failed. So my question is… Why?

But one of the biggest failures are the teachers. Teachers seem not to care and are just waiting for tenure are hindering students from learning and enhancing their knowledge. It’s these people who went through college majoring in education saying, “I just want my summer’s off and a long Christmas break,” that are hurting the system and what teachers stand for. BUT there are those great teachers that change kids lives; who do everything to encourage and educate a student while loving their career along the way. If not for these teachers, where would we be?

Until there is a drastic change, the lemons will keep dancing.

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One response to “Dance of the Lemons

  1. That just shows where America’s priorities are sometimes. Officials talk about how important education is during elections but put it on the back burner once they are elected. Always do. Tenure started out as a great idea for education to protect teachers so they could voice their opinion and have the freedom to teach what they wanted and not catch heat for it. However now, teachers have taken advantage of the system by becoming unproductive and riding the system all the way to retirement. Tenure for elementary and high school teachers probably isn’t the best idea but as long as they do have it, it would be beneficial to do a thorough review of the teachers records, work performance, character and maybe even interview them like many colleges and universities do. It only makes sense to do so before you invest so much money into a teacher that is going to be teaching children for the next 30+ years whether they deserve it or not. And at best, you could help the children out by giving them some awesome deserving teachers who really deserve tenure. They just don’t make teachers like they use to but I was fortunate to have some pretty darn good ones in a pretty good education system. I am not even going to comment on the parent part. Thats a whole new ball game.

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