Early & Often.

My freshman year of college I decided to take the beginner scuba diving class. It always looked like fun, so why not? I remember learning each different piece of the equipment we were to wear; what its function was and how to use it. I remember the places we explored to get our certification and the long nights in the pool swimming laps to be in shape. I don’t, however, remember the physics of it all mainly for my lack of interest in anything to do with math. The basic calculations like depth and time lapse were something I can handle though. But the one thing that I will always remember when scuba diving is to equalize the pressure in my ears as I am descending. Remember when you were a kid and you would swim to the bottom of the deep end and your ears/head would hurt? This is why you have to equalize. If not your head will feel like it is going to explode. So when do you do this? Early and often!

In a totally different class I am in right now, I am learning how to use this advice in another way. When writing code for a website, it is best to always validate early and often. This is important because it catches mistakes you overlook. If you don’t validate until the end of your writing process, you will have one massive headache from all the corrections that will need to be made. Unless you are just perfect at writing code….? But lets get real, no one is perfect. So always be sure to validate early and often to catch those mishaps. Below is resource sheet that encompasses common errors, good validation resources, and where to find more information from my team in class (four of us will be presenting on this topic Tuesday). Remember, early and often!


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