Remember when?

Learning more about our decreasing education system has really put me into a weird funk. I feel awful for children, parents, and teachers who have to go through the process. The process of wanting more but not knowing where to find it or just being unable to obtain it. It has me thinking about the future, where I want to send my kids to school or where we should live, and heck I don’t even have a boyfriend let alone a potential husband to start a family. But something happened recently that gave me hope. Hope that the education system, despite its drawbacks, will rise again to be great.

Being in a sorority, as a member you have to attend at least one speaking event that is held on campus throughout the semester. I chose to see “The Vagina Monologues.” It’s a show put on to raise awareness for women’s anti-violence groups. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Anyway, as I sit there waiting on the show to start, I recognize the woman sitting beside me but I’m not completely sure if it’s her or not. So of course, I don’t say anything because I don’t want to be embarrassed if I’m wrong, ya know? Well about ten minutes pass, and we are still sitting there awkwardly. Finally she asks if my name is Kelsey. With a big grin and a “thank-goodness” look, I say yes. I knew it was her. She was my freshman English teacher who I absolutely loved. We started talking and catching up on what has happened over the past few years in our lives and just enjoying each others company. She even remembered the boy I was dating at the time and asked how that was going (obviously from a previous statement, things did not work out).

It’s teachers like this who really get involved with students that are keeping the education system alive today. Those who really partake in their students lives and learn what the best method of teaching would be for them. It’s not about going through course work just to get it over with. It’s about the students actually soaking in what the teacher is saying. And when you have teachers like my English teacher, you really do.

After the show, we said good-bye and how it was great to see each other. But as we were walking separate ways she turned around and casually said, “Let me know when you graduate. I would love to come.” Words can’t explain what that meant to me.

Remember when you had a teacher like that?


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