I have always loved all things vintage and antique; the difference being that vintage is between 30-100 years old and antique being over 100 years old. On a recent trip to Colorado, I stumbled across a vinyl record that sparked this underlying passion of mine. There is something unique about the pureness of the way music sounds on a record player that makes it such a beautiful and sensual experience.

Anyway, this record was Trampled by Turtles, a band that I saw live in Jackson Hole, WY last summer with a bunch of hippies. It was definitely different than what I’m used to listening too, but it was a good difference and an awesome atmosphere. So as soon as I saw it I told myself if I have enough cash I am going to buy it; if not, oh well. Turns out I didn’t have enough on me, but I don’t have a record player anyway. Looking for one as we speak, though. Then I just browsed through the rest of them, looking at the typography, color, and design of each one. Made my love grow for vintage even more.


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