Hopeful Summer

It’s so obvious that summertime hit hard for me, seeing as how I have not blogged in awhile. Whoops. Finals were over and I was so excited to have hardly any obligations. But as a design student, when do we really stop experiencing and learning about it? So for the first couple of weeks I was hard at work looking for an internship to keep not just my creative mind, but also my restless side busy for a few months. I am so anxious to expand my knowledge pass the classroom and obtain professional experience. At the beginning of the process, things were not going the way I expected them too, and I’ll admit I was a little down and my self-confidence was burned a bit. It’s funny, though, how things fall into place for a reason…

I was given the opportunity to intern at CreateHere, while completing an individual studies course focusing on continuing design deliverables for CreateAthon. As you probably read in my previous blog, this night was a very influential night to me. Not just for being able to experience a night with other designers, but to really be able to inspire change and hope in the lives of the middle school students at Dalewood. And now I am able to put my passion of design combined with children into a summer of exploring the realm of education through preparing for a fall literacy program. I am so anxious to see how and what design improves comprehension in reading.

Not only am I focusing on my studies, but I also want to change and improve certain aspects of my life. Seeing as I have more time during the summer to really focus on me. I want to learn how to balance my health, education, and relationships. I think improving little things in my life and my bad habits will help me as a whole to become a better person mentally and physically. It is something I have struggled with in the past, and it is way pass time to fulfill these goals. So this summer is the time to put the “I CAN” motto from CreateAthon into my personal life. I can get in shape. I can teach myself more technical skills. I can improve and form relationships. I can trust more. I can ease my stress levels by a natural and healthy balance between my wants/needs. It’s the summer I can accomplish.

Oh, and I CAN blog more.


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