Recently I have been thinking about what I am going to do after graduation in May. It’s scary to think that my school years are almost over and I have to go out in the real world for a big girl job. Since I am not bounded to Chattanooga, my possibilities are endless. I’ve thought about staying in Chattanooga because I am absolutely in love with the city and it’s culture. What if I took a year off, worked in Yellowstone again, then somewhere in Colorado for the winter season? But I don’t want to take a year off from design. What if I found an internship somewhere out west that allowed me to fulfill my wants/needs while working? Maybe a masters program over seas? Do I want to get my teacher’s license? What am I supposed to do?! Questions like these go through my head every day. For now all I can do is dream, and I’m dreaming big.

Places I want to live and/or at least visit after graduation:

  • Australia/New Zealand
  • London, England
  • Banff, Canada
  • New York City
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Greece
  • Italy

and last but definitely not least

  • Boulder, Colorado

Check out this video. Shows how awesome Boulder really is 🙂

Heck, I guess I’ll go wherever I can get a job.


One response to “Aspirations

  1. Been there. These questions will only hit harder when you near graduation and you begin to think A LOT more about life. But whatever you decide, I recommend working somewhere next summer. Maybe even the winter. Just do something cause you will only regret it if you don’t. I’m glad I did. Its the least you can do after devoting yourself to school for 4 years. Yellowstone seems like a good start……

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