Something Fresh

Have you ever noticed how a slight change in your regular schedule can be thrilling and exciting? It’s something different, something fresh. It doesn’t have to be big like a new job or traveling, it can be something as simple as meeting someone new or buying an item on pure impulse. Either way, getting away from your normal routine and daily life helps you see things in a different light. Well, it does for me at least.

This week I am vacationing in Bonita Springs, FL near the Everglades with my family. Before coming down here, I was working during the day and also doing design work for my independent studies. And as much as I enjoy both of these, I needed a vacation. I needed time for myself; time to get away, but not fall off the radar. While I’m here, I have time to work on my studies. I get to do it in a very relaxing and stress free environment, which is nice. After this I will be traveling across the country with my brother and grandpa. You know what they say, “The West is best.”

It’s always intriguing to experience other places; how they live, what they do, what they eat, etc. That’s why I love traveling. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a family that enjoys traveling and does it quite frequently. Through my travels I have experienced different cultures through the people, food, and activities. But the one aspect I have taken away from combining all of my journeys is to just slow down and enjoy the ride. It is important to enjoy the simple things in life, laugh at the small things, and be successful, but take each obstacle step by step. There is no need to rush things. Life is a beautiful adventure and we must soak it all in with the least amount of worry as possible.

It is so easy to say, and so hard to do.

That’s my focus over the next several weeks. I will try to keep you posted on my travels 🙂


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