Big Girl World has finally found me. It’s weird. Just yesterday I was building a stupid (okay, not stupid) tower made of wooden dowels for 3D class. I had to drag the stupid (okay, not stupid) thing ALL the way across campus, looking like the biggest nerd. At least it was an 8:00 am class. Everyone tries to avoid them, so there weren’t many people out. I also got an A. Woot. But yeah… yesterday. I went through Sophomore review. I was nervous as hell, sweating and pacing back and forth in the FAC lobby. Turns out, there was no need to worry that much, although that’s just who I am. Worry worry worry… THAT is stupid. Also, yesterday, was the day I stayed up ALL night with my classmates (who are ballers by the way) to design fun stuff for Dalewood Middle School. We ate junk food, played in the elevators, wrote rap songs, and danced till the sun rose the next morning. CreateAthon.. yeah that was a fun night.

Now I’m in an office everyday – with coworkers. Who are cool. Spending my evenings crossfitting it up, cooking (who woulda thunk it), and hanging with some pretty rad friends.

Life is different. But I like it.


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