My 2012…

Life is so cool. And 2012 amped up the coolness factor. Below are just a few of those reasons why I was one happy girl coming into 2013.


At the start of the New Year I was just getting back from a pretty stellar trip with my family. Since my sister, Hannah, was studying abroad in Chile, we decided to visit in her last few weeks there, and also make sure she came back to America with us.  It was such a cool place… the people, food, nightlife, everything.  Hannah’s host family could not have been a better fit for her either. My brother, Paul and I were actually able to stay there during our stay and experience it first hand. Each one of them are so passionate about life and so intrigued and genuinely interested in who we are as individuals.


Being able to travel to places like this really helps you put your life and what you have into perspective. I think, here in America, we sometimes get so wrapped up in small things and our daily routines that we forget to just slow down and enjoy the relationships we’re in, what our hometowns have to offer for us to experience, and really, just how to enjoy life.


In February I competed in my first CrossFit competition in Woodstock, Georgia. It was damn cold outside, but having your gym there to cheer you on and push you, proved it was all worth it. I must admit, I go to the most badass box out there. The owners, coaches, and members have really become such an important part of my life. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get a 275# Deadlift, 1 handed handstand, and pull-ups (without band!). I now have goals of a 300# deadlift, get my endurance up (I really despise running), more than 2 strict pull-ups in a row, and actually get my snatch form down. Time to train harder… and faster!


March brought on another family trip. This time we stayed in the US and went skiing in Bend, Oregon. As you all know, there wasn’t a lot of snow last winter in Utah and Colorado, so we decided to go where the snow was. And man, we picked the right place! Absolutely beautiful, bitter cold skiing weather is what we got and it was awesome.


I GRADUATED… finally! after 5 years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and concentration in Graphic Design.  Although I’m glad I’m outta there, I learned a lot from the countless sleepless night in the FAC. I learned not to be afraid of critique, it’s a part of a designer’s life and you have to be okay with it to grow. It took awhile to not take things personally, but I had the opportunity to learn how to do that with a pretty great and honest group of fellow classmates.  I also got to dabble in many other classes (painting, drawing, 3D) that taught me to work with my hands instead of a computer. That’s where art originated, right?


In June, I started my first official big girl job at Technology Projects here in Chattanooga. I was sad to say by to Kyle, but it was time for a change. I was hired to be the web application designer on staff with a team of 4 other programmers. They are a cool group of guys. I have now tried my hands more in depth with Interactive design, which is something I see me really becoming more passionate about.

427083_4205453623727_2090643926_n (1)

Here I go again with another trip. This time though, it was just with my brother and sister. Hannah, of course, was off playing in Germany with her boyfriend (whom she met in Chile) so Paul and I decided to go for a bit as well. We backpacked through Munich, Berlin, Prague, and Salzburg. We stayed in hostels throughout the trip and had to look for transportation between each destination, usually the cheapest way. As siblings traveling, you can imagine there were some arguments, but let me tell you that it was one of my most favorite journeys. Now that we are all older, we are able to understand and respect each other…. to some degree.  Hannah still gets picked on though 😉


I GOT A BOYFRIEND. And not just any boyfriend… a pretty amazing, smart, very handsome, best friend type of boyfriend. It’s true ya know… when you stop looking and just live your life, a good relationship will surprise you. We met at our CrossFit box (yeah yeah yeah, so typical) in October 2011 when I started there.  Our gym members like to go out a lot, so we saw each other out and about for a few months, as well as hang out every once in a while. Then he FINALLY asked me on date in July and the rest is history. Its funny how you imagine what kind of relationship you see yourself in, then when it all falls into place, its something you never expected but oh so good.  I love him very much and hoping 2013 is good to us. I don’t have any doubts though. 😉


My childhood best friend got married! It was such an honor to be her Maid of Honor and get to experience this milestone in her life. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that growing up, out of all of our friends, our Connie Leigh would be the first to get hitched.  Oh no, she was Miss Picky when it came to boys… “he’s not country enough”… “his truck isn’t big enough”… “he’s a democrat.” Then she met Benny Boo Boo, who covered ALL of those checkboxes. Connie and Ben are two peas in a pod and I wish them all the happiness in the world. Xoxo


Like I said, 2012 made me one happy girl. It wouldn’t have been the same without the people in it. That’s what’s important in life ya know… the people and relationships you form, not the things. I wouldn’t be the girl I am today without the love and support from those that are close to me. Thanks to you guys! I have grown so much as a person in these last months and it couldn’t have been possible without you, and you all know I will need you much more this coming year. Thank you in advance.

2013 has some pretty exciting, nerve-wracking adventures and opportunities planned.

Go make 2013 yours!



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